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Shipping is to be purchased on the website, once your order is complete.  Shipping is no longer invoiced.

Multiple orders will be combined, as long as I have not already printed your shipping label.

Each shaped tart has info on it's website listing regarding how to count it for shipping.  Some count as one 3-pack, and some count as two 3-packs. Please be sure to read the listings before purchase, and count them appropriately.


*6-pack = two 3-packs

*Bakery Bag = four 3-packs

*Pound Bag = eight 3-packs

*Chunky Loaf = eight 3-packs

*Pug Loaf = eight 3-packs

*Chunky Pug Loaf = ten 3-packs


1st Class Envelope holds up to four 3-packs

Padded Flat Rate Envelope holds up to twelve 3-packs.

Rate A Box holds up to eighteen 3-packs.

Rate B Box holds up to thirty-six 3-packs.

Medium Flat Rate Box holds up to twenty seven 3-packs.

Large Flat Rate Box holds up to forty eight 3-packs.


Medium Flat Rate and Large Flat Rate boxes are ONLY for customers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idho, Maine, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washingtonon.